FV FOTOVOLTAICI – 01/07/2014 – One renovation that costs nothing to the city. The City of Renate free reconstructs the roof of the kindergarten through EGA Sistemi. An example of a successful collaboration between the public and private sectors. (…) Read more, download the pdf (only in italian). FV Fotovoltaici 01-07-2014

IL GIORNALE DEL TERMOIDRAULICO – 06/01/2014 – There is a recurring adjective in the interview with Giuseppe Abello, founder and director of  EGA Sistemi, which offers engineering solutions for buildings (heat engineering,  photovoltaic, building technologies), “holistic”, adjective which is derived from the ancient greek word that means “everything.” Read more, download the pdf. GT – Il Giornale del Termoidraulico 01-06-2014

QUALENERGIA.IT – 08/05/2014 – Is from 40s of the last century that we know for sure that asbestos is an extremely hazardous substance, the fibers of which, if breathed or ingested, can cause cancer, but only in 1992 Italy has banned a law against the production and use of products that contain it, forcing the removal from the environment of  [ Leggi Tutto ]

13/07/2014 – The smarthome is a reality for all customers of  EGA Sistemi. Which dealer ayControl, Division of Building Technology (lighting, HVAC, security, integrated supervision) of EGA Sistemi provides its clients the most advanced system which has the advantage, among others, to reside directly on the devices Mobile without going through the server. “This is – says Sebastiano Abello, head  [ Leggi Tutto ]

Install an heat pump air conditioner with inverter. Take advantage of the deduction of 50%. With the split will have advantages both in summer and winter 13/07/2014 – EGA Sistemi offers heat pump air conditioners with inverter. High technology and environment protection are guaranteed by the installation of split top range of industry leading companie. In addition to cool in  [ Leggi Tutto ]