biellaComposite and sensitive view of the intended use of the building, the intervention of EGA Sistemi created in 2009 as a subcontractor of Siemens SpA, at the headquarters of Banca Sella. The new business center in Biella Banca Sella is situated on a total area of ​​about 4,000 square meters. The new location is the mainstay of the general logistic reorganization of the sites currently occupied by Gruppo Banca Sella in Biella. It is a multi-purpose container inspired to an image of solidity and transparency that marries choice of modern technologies.

From programming system management KNX EIB all’antincendio, the programming of systems for access control to those burglar alarm system programming Desigo®, the intervention has necessitated considerable capabilities overview and integration of such systems.

biella banca sella 2