IL CITTADINO – 08/08/2015 – Technology and sustainability to try to end the crisis. And then clean up asbestos can become an opportunity Energetic, econonomic but also environmentally sustainable. These are the cornerstones of EGA Sistemi (…). Read more, download the article in pdf: Il Cittadino 08-08-2015

ATTUALITÀ ELETTROTECNICA – 01/05/2015 – Try to overcome the crisis. Betting on technology and sustainability. EGA Sistemi, a company that since 1976  designs and implements the innovation of buildings (photovoltaics, heat engineering, building technologies) and 2Effe of Bernareggio, companies in the sector of wooden doors and windows, which always focuses on innovation and relationship with customers and stakeholders, show that  [ Leggi Tutto ]

TELEVALLASSINA – 14/04/2015 – Giuseppe Abello, founder and director of EGA Sistemi has released an interview in “Special MECI 2015″, built by Televallassina during the days of the civil and industrial exhibition, held at Lariofiere of Erba. Watch the video of the interview.

LA PROVINCIA – 10/04/2015 – A house “smart” that leverages technology to make sure that everything can be studied in detail to allow not only saving energy, but also greater security. (…) “It is – says Sebastiano Abello, Head of Building Technology of EGA Sistemi – integrated systems can manage in a coordinated manner the functions in a house are  [ Leggi Tutto ]

ENERGIA-PLUS.IT – 07-04-2015- EGA Sistemi  has made asbestos removal of 2Effe Bernareggio, installing a PV system from 162 panels. (…) Read more, download the article in pdf (only in italian). 07-04-2015

SOLAREBUSINESS.IT – 01/04/2015 – The company brianzola EGA Sistemi has designed and built for the company 2Effe the removal of asbestos roofs of the production unit of Bernareggio (MB), their renovation and installation of photovoltaic system for an area of approximately 800 square meters. (…) Read more, download the article in pdf (only in italian). 01-04-2015

IL CORRIERE DELLA SICUREZZA – 27/03/2015 – Try to get out of the crisis. Betting on technology and sustainability. Even cleaning up asbestos can become opportunities for companies. EGA Sistemi and 2Effe Bernareggio demonstrate that the remediation of asbestos can turn into economic advantage and energy. (…) Read more, download the article in pdf (only in italian). 27-03-2015

GT – IL GIORNALE DEL TERMOIDRAULICO  – 01/12/2014 –  Save energy, using and integrating the latest technologies, you can (…) Concrete evidence we gather from what accomplished by EGA Sistemi, which always seeks a goal: the house “at no cost” about energy consumption. (…) Read more, download pdf of the article (only in italian). GT – Il Giornale del termoidraulico  [ Leggi Tutto ]

EUROPEAN BUSINESS JOURNAL.COM – 01/08/2014 – The goal is clear. Transform the building into an innovative machine about comfort, protection of the environment and future generations. Savings and return on investment, including improving the income statement in the case of a company and public administration, being a building innovative flywheel of the business. EGA Sistemi, founded in 1976 in Renate,  [ Leggi Tutto ]

FV FOTOVOLTAICI – 01/07/2014 – One renovation that costs nothing to the city. The City of Renate free reconstructs the roof of the kindergarten through EGA Sistemi. An example of a successful collaboration between the public and private sectors. (…) Read more, download the pdf (only in italian). FV Fotovoltaici 01-07-2014