IL GIORNALE DEL TERMOIDRAULICO – 06/01/2014 – There is a recurring adjective in the interview with Giuseppe Abello, founder and director of  EGA Sistemi, which offers engineering solutions for buildings (heat engineering,  photovoltaic, building technologies), “holistic”, adjective which is derived from the ancient greek word that means “everything.” Read more, download the pdf. GT – Il Giornale del Termoidraulico 01-06-2014

QUALENERGIA.IT – 08/05/2014 – Is from 40s of the last century that we know for sure that asbestos is an extremely hazardous substance, the fibers of which, if breathed or ingested, can cause cancer, but only in 1992 Italy has banned a law against the production and use of products that contain it, forcing the removal from the environment of  [ Leggi Tutto ]

IMPIANTI SOLARI – 03/01/2014 – An example of a successful collaboration between the public and private sectors. In the crisis years, a municipality and a firm operating in the same town  meet the interests of citizens. It happened to Renate, where the administration led by Antonio Gerosa and EGA Sistemi, a company based in the heart of Brianza, specializing in  [ Leggi Tutto ]

ELETTRONEWS.COM – 19/12/2013 – Among the winners of the KNX Award stands out the “Special Mention” for a facility of high technology installed in an apartment of only 100 square meters. The installation company is EGA Sistemi. (…) Download the article (only in italian) 18-12-2013

IL GIORNO – 13/10/2013 – The financial crisis is being fought with the collaboration between the public and private sectors. One example comes from Renate, where the City Council led by Antonio Gerosa and EGA Sistemi, company that specializes in the innovation of the buildings, have reached an agreement for the renovation of the roof of the nursery. (…) Download the article in  [ Leggi Tutto ]

IL CITTADINO – 12/10/2013 – Public and private sectors together for the common good. It is not the slogan of a campaign, but a summary of what happens in Renate where the municipal administration led by Antonio Gerosa and EGA Sistemi have included an agreement that allows, in respect of the environment, energy and the future, to create an important public work. (…)  [ Leggi Tutto ]

NUOVABRIANZA.IT – 12/10/2013 – The roof of the kindergarten rebuilt for free thanks to a public-private collaboration. (…) Download the article in PDF (only in italian)

IMPIANTI SOLARI – 01/10/2013 – In the scope of the renovation and modernization of the multi-purpose complex in Via Del Sole 5 in Assago, was completed the replacement of the roof of the building and has caught the `opportunity for the installation of a plant production of electricity by 381 photovoltaic panels spread over an area of 650 square meters, made by  [ Leggi Tutto ]

IMPIANTI SOLARI – 01/09/2013 – EGA Sistemi has installed a photovoltaic system, total of 385 panels, on the roof of Veneto Agricoltura in Thiene (VI). The company of Veneto Region will have an output of about 90,000 kWh for year with no emission of CO, equivalent to 45,000 kg. The signing of the project is by Divisione Energia Srl and the construction and  [ Leggi Tutto ]

IL MONDO – 26/07/2013 – Back to the new edition of Vinci Sap: initiative through Sap Italia and its partners support the growth of italian small and medium-sized companies . (…) In 2001 EGA Sistemi was among the three award-winning small and medium-sized companies (…). Read the article in PDF