17/07/2015 – EGA Sistemi has prepared an offer on conditioners dual mono trial split. Top of the range, selected and installed with the advice and the usual quality features of EGA Sistemi. You can benefit of the tax deduction of 50%. EGA Sistemi has the license from Frigorista (Presidential Decree 43 of 27 January 2012). EGA Sistemi, along with the  [ Leggi Tutto ]

16/04/2015 – Photovoltaics lives his Copernican revolution and businesses can enjoy huge advantages in terms of energy savings by installing a photovoltaic system with a configuration SEU – Efficient Systems of Users. With tax deductions of 50% had benefited the segment of residential and one could expect a payback in 7-9 years, the Legislature has now decided to start the  [ Leggi Tutto ]

30/12/2014 – With the approval by Parliament of the Stability Law are extended to 2015 the current levels of incentives for energy saving and restructuring. Here they are in summary . DEDUCTION AT 65% Condensing boilers: the new devices have a higher yield up to 30% and provide a saving of over 30%. Coats/remake covers: this combined intervention can reduce energy  [ Leggi Tutto ]

Install an heat pump air conditioner with inverter. Take advantage of the deduction of 50%. With the split will have advantages both in summer and winter 13/07/2014 – EGA Sistemi offers heat pump air conditioners with inverter. High technology and environment protection are guaranteed by the installation of split top range of industry leading companie. In addition to cool in  [ Leggi Tutto ]

08/01/2014 – Finished the census of the installations, buildings, sites and means of transport with the presence of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials, instituted by the Regione Lombardia, under regional Law 17/2003 and the amendments introduced by the Law n. 14 of 31/07/2012. The census and mapping of the sites with the presence of asbestos represent the first step to achieve by 2015 the removal  [ Leggi Tutto ]

15/08/2013 - EGA Sistemi has prepared a summary of recent legislative measures that lay down new tax deductions for the energy sector. Take advantage of these deductions and save by installing a new device. Ask EGA Sistemi engineers to the new solution or solutions combined. EGA Sistemi prepare the documentation for you to get the deductions. DEDUCTION AT 65% Condensing boilers:  [ Leggi Tutto ]

20/05/2013 - EGA Sistemi offers air conditioning heat pump with inverter. Maximum technology and environmental protection are guaranteed by the installation of split top range of industry-leading companies. As well as in summer, the heat pump can be used in the winter, not only to dehumidify and purify, but for heating: appliances installed by EGA Sistemi have efficiencies COP spectacular, warm,  [ Leggi Tutto ]

EGA Sistemi proposed for central heating systems the possibility of transformation in self-management of the temperature through a simple system of accounting. The heat metering combined with elements of temperature control allows you to independently control the temperature in each housing unit by dividing the costs according to individual consumption and not on the basis of thousandths. Always attentive to  [ Leggi Tutto ]

Take advantage of the best opportunities of the V Energy Bill reserved for those who jointly made of asbestos and install a photovoltaic system. If by 30 June 2013 carries out the asbestos removal and install a photovoltaic system up to 50 kW will warrant immediate incentives and safe: recovery of 55% on the cost of asbestos removal and re-roofing  [ Leggi Tutto ]

Oltre il profitto, EGA Sistemi educa i consumatori. Sulla base di questa visione imprenditoriale, gli energy manager di EGA Sistemi, un team di esperti fatto di ingegneri, architetti e periti, è a disposizione di privati, aziende, enti pubblici per condividere e realizzare con loro l’intervento di riqualificazione energetica migliore. Per approfondire tali concetti leggi l’articolo “La vera casa passiva/Fotovoltaico, pompe  [ Leggi Tutto ]