Prestigious (for return of the image) and important content for technologists and constructive complexity the intervention EGA Sistemi, sub-contracted Siemens SpA , at the Juventus Stadium in Turin in 2011-2012. The stadium is owned by the football club Juventus Football Club First Italian football facility barrier-free, eco-friendly as well as the first stage in the world, is one of two Italian plants , along  [ Leggi Tutto ]

And broader intervention in 2012 EGA Sistemi, sub-contracted Siemens AG at the Pirelli Settimo Torinese. Here, where Pirelli has been established for nearly 60 years, the plant has been realized most technologically advanced and efficient in the Pirelli Group in terms of product innovation, manufacturing processes , attention to the sustainability and quality of the work. The result is also active in the work  [ Leggi Tutto ]

EGA Sistemi has intervened in 2012, as a subcontractor Siemens SpA, with its specific contribution in the context of the complete renovation of the technological ICT Intesa San Paolo in Moncalieri (area of ​​about 47,000 square meters), the brain of the whole computer Intesa Sanpaolo. The entire renovation was carried out in stages without interrupting your business activities. EGA Sistemi has created the programming  [ Leggi Tutto ]

Composite and sensitive view of the intended use of the building, the intervention of EGA Sistemi created in 2009 as a subcontractor of Siemens SpA, at the headquarters of Banca Sella. The new business center in Biella Banca Sella is situated on a total area of ​​about 4,000 square meters. The new location is the mainstay of the general logistic reorganization of the  [ Leggi Tutto ]

03/05/2013 – EGA Sistemi and Agriculture Veneto, Veneto Region company that promotes and implements measures for the modernization of agriculture, soil protection, agro-forestry and better utilization of the agricultural area show that PV, not only for the private, but more so for the public, is not only an economic advantage, but a tool of potential essential about innovation, technology and  [ Leggi Tutto ]

05-09-2012 – Technology and environmental sustainability. The asbestos removal becomes an opportunity for companies. EGA Sistemi and Synt3, historic farm in Erba (CO) in the field of Rubber-plastics, specializing in the production of fabrics and spalmanti coagulated polyurethane, present in the world with its own sales network in over 70 countries, show that the problem of the reclamation Asbestos can  [ Leggi Tutto ]

30-05-2012 – Following an invitation of the City of Nibionno, awarded by EGA Sistemi , the same EGA Sistemi has installed on the roof of the elementary school “B. Munari “via Conciliation 54 a photovoltaic system made of 256 monocrystalline panels, covering an area of ​​409 square meters, with an installed capacity of 76.8 kWp, an annual output of 92,000 kWh and are  [ Leggi Tutto ]

28-03-2012 – Not only environmental protection and energy saving, but also Italian technology because, if it is true that PV at a time of recession is almost a possible driving force for overcoming the crisis, it is good that such investment to support the national economy. And ‘This is the logic underlying and shared between the City of Ostfildern (customer), EGA  [ Leggi Tutto ]

01-10-2011 EGA Sistemi agreed in 2011, designed and built for IVM of asbestos roof, its renovation and the installation of a photovoltaic surface characteristics of about 7,000 square meters. The photovoltaic system, which was built in a few months, placed on the roof of the production site in Liss, consists of 3,600 panels monocrystalline, with an installed capacity of 827 kWp.  [ Leggi Tutto ]

01-10-2011 EGA Sistemi  has created in 2011 for the City of Salmour, based on the design of the Studio Ing Ferrero Fossano of asbestos roof of the local cemetery, her makeover and the installation of the photovoltaic system for a surface characteristics of to 97.40 square meters. The photovoltaic system, which has been built within a few days and ended in  [ Leggi Tutto ]