For intrusion detection is a system of devices, systems, technologies that make sure homes and businesses. The entire system can be operated in all its functions even by phone, fixed or mobile.

Conditioning is the process by which you change the parameters of relative humidity, temperature and air velocity. And ‘necessary to design the system, knowing the seasonal values ​​of relative humidity and temperature outside the room, the volumes to be heated and the technical details useful for system sizing. EGA Sistemi manufactures equipment with environmentally friendly technologies, which use refrigerants that  [ Leggi Tutto ]

In telecommunications the term Wi-Fi indicates the technique and related devices that enable end users to connect to each other through a local network in a wireless (WLAN). In turn, the local network thus obtained can be interlaced to the Internet network via a router. Any device or user terminal (computer, mobile phone, PDA etc..) Can connect to networks of  [ Leggi Tutto ]

The antennas covers installation of devices and systems for the distribution of radio and television. EGA Sistemi manufactures equipment for small, medium and large, using the latest devices and technologies that protect the environmental impact.

For smoke detection system means a system of devices, systems, technologies that make sure homes and workplaces. EGA Sistemi operating in the security sector provides systems and smoke detection systems in order to ensure a comprehensive fire prevention for buildings of small, medium and large sizes.

The electrical engineering, declined in civil and industrial, deals with the study and application of electricity. An important area of electrical engineering in the production and transmission of energy to the place of use.

Specialist for the thermo-technical design of heating or cooling with experience in both civil and industrial. The engineers of EGA Sistemi have expertise in thermodynamics, the air ducting, control of contaminants, savings and energy certification.

EGA Sistemi identifies the best solutions and installsphotovoltaicsystems for allneeds and types of buildings: works on bothresidential and commercial buildings, works with innovative features - suchasphotovoltaictiles and ventilatedwalls - plants with amorphous and thin-film panels.

EGA Sistemi, with a consultative, designs and implements interventions tailored, turnkey, freeing the developer from bureaucratic requirements and assisting them at every stage: site survey, design, budget, execution of works, documentation, "as built", certifications and statements of conformity.

EGA Sistemi supplies and installs in all buildings, private, commercial and public, the column for charging electric vehicles. The energy manager EGA Sistemi choose with customers the most appropriate solution to their type of vehicle. The technology of the cars and electric vehicles is growing rapidly.