01-10-2011 EGA Sistemi  has created in 2011 for the City of Salmour, based on the design of the Studio Ing Ferrero Fossano of asbestos roof of the local cemetery, her makeover and the installation of the photovoltaic system for a surface characteristics of to 97.40 square meters. The photovoltaic system, which has been built within a few days and ended in September, is made up of 45 panels, polycrystalline, with an installed capacity of 10,575 kWp. So the company today is energetically self-sufficient, thanks to an annual production of approximately 11,600 kWh, and are not released into the atmosphere by about 5,800 kg of CO2. Not only that, the City of Salmour, thanks to the Energy Account, can sell herself to the energy market.