small_colonninaEGA Sistemi supplies and installs in all buildings, private, commercial and public, the column for charging electric vehicles. The energy managers EGA Sistemi choose with customers the most appropriate solution to their type of vehicle.
The technology of the cars and electric vehicles is growing rapidly. The major car manufacturers are investing in this segment. Moreover electric vehicles have free access to the ZTL (limited traffic zone), do not pollute, do not damage the monuments and the lungs of the citizens. Soon the taxi licenses will be awarded only to electric vehicles and/or hybrids.
The charging systems proposed by EGA Sistemi are top of the range equipment of the leading manufacturers deliver maximum performance, comply with all safety regulations and in line with European standards.

“Our company – says Giuseppe Abello, founder of EGA Sistemi – increasingly positions itself as a complex reality in a position to answer all the needs in terms of innovation, energy saving and sustainability. The building is now an integrated system with the environment and the territory, hence our choice, seconded by the question and the response of customers and sellers of electric vehicles, to equip the homes of these solutions. One way to be already in the future.”