SOLAR – 01-03-2013 – Public and private sectors together in the name of the ethics, sustainability and education of young people `s renewable energy. EGA Sistemi and the Municipality of today (LC) show that PV and incentives of the Energy Bill express best potential if public and private meet.

EGA Systems has installed on the roof of the middle school “Marco d’Oggiono” in Via Vittorio Veneto 408 a photovoltaic system made of polycrystalline (model S660 Centrosolar Professional 245Wp), which covers an area of ​​695 square meters, with an installed capacity of 99.96 kWp, an annual output of 110,000 kWh and are not released into the atmosphere by about 54,000 kg of CO2. What is striking are the terms of the deal. EGA systems which will pay rent to the City of roof Oggiono 9,500 euro the year, for 20 years and has taken charge of fully funding the work and achievements. Overall, the City will earn € 190,000 in 20 years. (…)

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