03/05/2013 – Installational creativity, cutting-edge technology solutions and environmental sustainability. Based on these objectives, EGA systems and Agriculture Veneto, Veneto Region company that promotes and implements measures for the modernization of agricultural structures, soil protection, agro-forestry and better utilization of the agricultural area show that PV, not only for the private, but more so for the public, is not only an economic advantage, but a tool of potential essential about innovation, technology and sustainability. The signing of the project is the Energy Division Srl and Construction Supervision of Aequa Engineering Srl, a company operating in the Venetian.

EGA systems, which carried out the supply and installation of the system and paperwork (Enel, GSE, Customs Agency) has created at the headquarters of Agriculture Veneto Via San Gaetano Thiene 74 of a plant on two sections. The first section, 500 square meters of roof panels were installed 289 polycrystalline Solon innovative integrated from 245 Wp each, equivalent to about 70 kWp. The second section 96 amorphous panels Sharp frameless 125 Wp each, equal to 12 kWp.

The solar plant will have a total capacity of about 82.5 kWp for an annual production of approximately 90,000 kWh with non-issuance of approximately 45,000 kg of CO2. The cost was € 190,000, expenditure that will be fully repaid within six years thanks to the incentives of the fifth energy bill.

To underline the most innovative aspects of the implementation. About the intervention in the first section have been installed lifelines and permanent railings and removed the tiles is inserted where the PV system. Then were placed in the order: a layer of insulating material to fire, wooden battens components the fastening structure, and then fixed and connected panels fotovoltaci. Finally I installed the connecting flashings for waterproofing of the structure and the achievement of full integration.

Regarding the second section, since the use of frameless panels, were used hooks for special panels of glass. The use of amorphous panels, great for inclinations and slopes disadvantaged in terms of exposure to the sun, led to the choice of a special inverter Aurora Power-One 12.0-I-OUTD with a predisposition for the positive pole connected to ground.

<< Was an important job for the high consumption by a public authority, evidence that PV is an opportunity not only for individuals - says dr. Joseph Abello, founder and director of EGA systems. – We are pleased to partner with Veneto Agriculture, because the PV is not just business, it is especially energy-saving, environmental protection, education, and even quality and beauty. >>