immagine EGA27/03/2015 – EGA Sistemi has designed and built for the 2Effe Bernareggio, sector companies wooden doors and windows, the removal of asbestos from the roofs of the production unit of Viale delle Industrie 51, their renovation and installation photovoltaic installation for a surface characteristics of about 800 square meters. The photovoltaic system consists of polycrystalline panels 250 Wp. Were also positioned sandwitch panels (10 cm) of insulation in order to obtain the tax deduction of 65%.

The total installed capacity is 40.5 kW. The company today Bernareggio is energetically self-sufficient in significant part, thanks to an annual production of about 43,000 kWh, and a reduction of atmospheric emissions of about 22,000 kg of C02. 2Effe not only solved the problem of asbestos removal, but may sell herself to the energy market. Excluding spending on the roof, the facility will be amortized over six years, there are 2,500 euro a year from the exchange on site and 7,000 from savings in the bill.

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