aycontrolggggggg13/07/2014 – The smarthome is a reality for all customers of  EGA Sistemi. Which dealer ayControl, Division of Building Technology (lighting, HVAC, security, integrated supervision) of EGA Sistemi provides its clients the most advanced system which has the advantage, among others, to reside directly on the devices Mobile without going through the server.

“This is – says Sebastiano Abello, head of the Division of Building Technology EGA Sistemi – one of the most advanced systems on the market with regard to automation. Through ayControl – with iPhone, iPad or Android – all bus devices in the home and commercial buildings EIB / KNX can be checked at any time wherever you are. You can, for example, enable or disable the light, regulate the climate in the room, activate the safety devices and much more. ayControl provides direct communication with mobile devices without having to go through the server, ensuring considerable energy savings.”