immagine offerte15/08/2013 - EGA Sistemi has prepared a summary of recent legislative measures that lay down new tax deductions for the energy sector.

Take advantage of these deductions and save by installing a new device. Ask EGA Sistemi engineers to the new solution or solutions combined. EGA Sistemi prepare the documentation for you to get the deductions.


Condensing boilers: the new devices have a higher yield up to 30% and provide a saving of over 30%.

Coats/remake covers: this combined intervention can reduce energy consumption for heating up to 70/80%.

Heat pumps: you can eliminate the methane gas, consuming only electricity, for a total savings of the total bill (gas + electricity) at least 40%. If you match the PV, you can meet 100% of consumption. The building produces the same energy consumption.

Solar thermal: cover up to 80% of annual consumption for the production of domestic hot water.


Split air conditioners heat pump inverter: as well as in summer, the heat pump you can use it in winter: warm these devices with the same power consumption by up to five times longer than an electric heater.

Photovoltaics: save up to 100% of electricity consumption. Use a maximum of combining PV with heat pumps for hot water production for heating and domestic hot water and induction hobs for cooking.

You produce your energy, make a choice of freedom and responsibility. Besides the profit, with our offer we educate consumers

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