FotoBonificaLissone316/04/2015 – Photovoltaics lives his Copernican revolution and businesses can enjoy huge advantages in terms of energy savings by installing a photovoltaic system with a configuration SEU – Efficient Systems of Users.

With tax deductions of 50% had benefited the segment of residential and one could expect a payback in 7-9 years, the Legislature has now decided to start the PV with HUS.

EGA Sistemi, leveraging its expertise in the field, to meet this crucial opportunity for businesses has prepared the “Service configuration SEU”.

From the needs and energy consumption in the project to the realization monitoring, energy managers of EGA Sistemi are able to support companies that can produce a significant change and change of pace in terms of energy savings.

But let’s see what it is. According to the resolution 578/2013 of the Authority, “Systems of Efficient Users are systems powered by renewable sources or high efficiency cogeneration power up to 20 MWe, managed by a single producer, also different from the end customer, directly connected via a private unit of consumption of a single end customer and realized within an area owned or fully available to the customer. ”

Unlike the old Conto Energia, revenues will not be guaranteed a fixed sum for long periods of time. The company will have direct benefits: the energy produced by and consumed without going through the network is in fact almost entirely free from burdens of system and network. The system must be sized so that the user, who may or may not also the owner, all the energy consumption directly generated, but if this is impossible, you access the net metering, which reimburses part of the burden on electricity also excess fed into the grid.

“It ‘a decision – says Giuseppe Abello, founder and director of EGA Sistemi – have been waiting for some time, which will restart the photovoltaic, accommodates their full potential in a market, meeting between supply and demand, and encouraging companies in terms of energy savings. For this we have activated the “Service configuration SEU”. And ‘essential to make an analysis in the round: from needs assessment to implementation and consumption monitoring, implement an intervention tailored to the customer, perhaps combining the system with technologies such as heat pumps, home automation solutions and systems accumulation “.