EGA Sistemi identifies the best solutions and installsphotovoltaicsystemsdepending on the individualneeds of the client and the characteristics of the building: works on bothresidential and commercial buildings, works with innovative features – suchasphotovoltaictiles and ventilatedwalls – amorefisystems with panels and thin film. EGA Sistemispecializes in the remediation of asbestosroofing, which are replaced with environmentallyfriendlyroofing on whichyou can install solar panels. Three are the immediate benefits of such an intervention: healthprotection, improvement of energyefficiency of the building, increase the incentives of the Energy Bill. Of note, aboutphotovoltaicmicroinvertertechnology, a solutionthatcombines the mostimportantinnovations in terms of electronics to create photovoltaicsystems more intelligent, secure, and efficient performance. The energy manager EGA Sistemi identifies with the client the optimalsolution for everyneed. The economic situation and the cost of energyaffectinghousing, from single-family ones and theirowners. Yet the energy may be the key to reverse the situation. For the bright future of who owns a house, EGA Sistemi offers a variety of systems photovoltaic/solar thermal + coat + heat pump. An investment that does yield savings and that as of tomorrow no maintenance costs and ensure future energy access. The expenditure may be incurred by a loan and pays for itself in a few years with the savings achieved by upgrading the energy efficiency of the building.