foto scuola materna Renate (1)14/10/2013 – An example of a successful collaboration between the public and private sectors. It’s happened to Renate, where the Administration led by Antonio Gerosa and EGA Sistemi, with the negotiated procedure with the criterion of the most economically advantageous solution led to the restoration of the roof of the nursery via Tripoli, from time in poor condition , with frequent water infiltration.

EGA Sistemi has created a free re-roofing of the school , improving energy efficiency and prolonging battery life. Now the building has a roof made in a workmanlike manner , without the possibility of infiltration and thermally isolated . In exchange for what the City has allowed EGA Sistemi with the sale of the surface rights on the cover of 20 years to install a photovoltaic system, consisting of panels integrated innovative , with an installed capacity of 99.6 kW , an annual output of 100,000 kWh and a non-issuance of 50,000 kg of CO2. A classic “do ut des” the City has saved more than € 140,000.00 of the cost of reconstruction of the roof, EGA Sistemi will be able to sell electricity so going to amortize the cost over the years .