28-03-2012 – Not only environmental protection and energy saving, but also Italian technology because, if it is true that PV at a time of recession is almost a possible driving force for overcoming the crisis, it is good that such investment to support the national economy. And ‘This is the logic underlying and shared between the City of Ostfildern (customer), EGA Sistemi (installer) and Studio Starring (designer), which led to the realization that makes photovoltaic autonomous energy supply systems and dressing rooms of the sports center in via Mariano .

To complete the project, which the City has a total cost of 96 thousand Euros and covers an area of ​​150 square meters, have been used monocrystalline panels 245 watts each, designed and produced in Italy company Solsonica Cittaducale (Rieti) , significant choice for an industry that must also deal with products from Asian countries from the unsustainable price for the European market with critical consequences about competition and employment.

In detail, the plant has an annual production of 19,235,00 KWh, which will allow the Administration to generate power for the facility via Mariano with a bill savings of around € 2,000 a year. Not only that, it was calculated that the incentives of the Energy Account (€ 5,226) and the mechanism of the exchange on the spot (1,100 euro) will allow the City to return from the investment in just 7.25 years. Remember that incentives last 20 years, therefore, after the first 7.25 years, the administration has not only not spend anything into energy for the plants of the sports center, but only gain.