20/05/2013 - EGA Sistemi offers air conditioning heat pump with inverter. Maximum technology and environmental protection are guaranteed by the installation of split top range of industry-leading companies.

As well as in summer, the heat pump can be used in the winter, not only to dehumidify and purify, but for heating: appliances installed by EGA Sistemi have efficiencies COP spectacular, warm, with the same power consumption, up to five times more than an electric heater.

If you install by June 30 will receive the income tax deduction of 50% (from July, the deduction drops to 36%) for building renovation and reduced VAT of 10%.

Caution! The Presidential Decree 43 of 27 January 2012 obliges the plant engineer to have the license to Frigorista. E’obbligo the client to request the license from Frigorista installer.

EGA Sistemi is not only an authorized and qualified, but as well as installation, carries out all the paperwork, from A to Z, including documents for tax deductions.