timthFOTOOFFERTEumb30/12/2014 – With the approval by Parliament of the Stability Law are extended to 2015 the current levels of incentives for energy saving and restructuring. Here they are in summary .


Condensing boilers: the new devices have a higher yield up to 30% and provide a saving of over 30%.

Coats/remake covers: this combined intervention can reduce energy consumption for heating up to 70/80%.

Heat pumps: you can eliminate the methane gas, consuming only electricity, for a total savings of the total bill (gas + electricity) at least 40%. If you match the PV, you can meet 100% of consumption. The building produces the same energy consumption.

Solar thermal: cover up to 80% of annual consumption for the production of domestic hot water.

Extended the deduction of 65% for expenses incurred in 2015 for external solar shading of buildings and for the winter heating systems with heat generators fed by biomass fuels, such as firewood, pellets, wood chips, corn .


Split air conditioners heat pump inverter: as well as in summer, the heat pump you can use it in winter: warm these devices with the same power consumption by up to five times longer than an electric heater.

Photovoltaics: save up to 100% of electricity consumption. Use a maximum of combining PV with heat pumps for hot water production for heating and domestic hot water.

You produce your energy, make a choice of freedom and responsibility. Besides the profit, with our offer we educate consumers.

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