Innovating a building means improving its performance, making it more efficient and accessible from the point of view of saving energy, security, communication and data transmission. You live better, save, makes a conscious and responsible choice with respect to the environment and to future generations, and can even earn money. Think of what it means to reclaim an asbestos roof and jointly install a photovoltaic solar panels, to the benefit of the environment, which not only saves the customer, improving the energy efficiency of the building, but also make money by selling energy thanks the system of economic incentives. A fortiori, a company located in a building “machine” has an innovative real driving force of the business.

 Plus: brand reputation, dialogue with the customer, training, transparency.

EGA Sistemi invests in training, internal and external, of the employees, to create organizational efficiency, versatility, attitude to the continuing training, research and relationship with the customer. Customer satisfaction, ability to draw common solutions with the customer, clarity and transparency in the report, compared to budget and delivery, pre-and post-sales, brand reputation (brand reputation) have enabled the company to grow in the years of crisis and partner with organizations such as Siemens.