FotoBonifica08/01/2014 – Finished the census of the installations, buildings, sites and means of transport with the presence of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials, instituted by the Regione Lombardia, under regional Law 17/2003 and the amendments introduced by the Law n. 14 of 31/07/2012. The census and mapping of the sites with the presence of asbestos represent the first step to achieve by 2015 the removal and landfilling of all asbestos present in the region of Lombardy.

EGA Sistemi specializes in the remediation of asbestos roofing (Class 10 A), which are replaced with environmentally friendly roofing on which you can also install photovoltaic panels. There are several immediate benefits of such an intervention: health protection, improvement of energy efficiency of the building and obtaining tax deductions to 65% energy savings in the case of the residential tax deduction of 50% for photovoltaics.

If asbestos was present in your property/property, the Legislature now gives you an opportunity, taking advantage of the asbestos removal, you can design a bright future from the point of view of energy, saves on fuel for heating, get free electricity and sell the excess to the network. Make a choice free, responsible and sustainable, “produce” your energy.

Contact our energy managers to find the best solution and the offer, ask them for quotes and free inspections, or write an e-mail to, with the subject “asbestos removal”.