30-05-2012 – Following an invitation of the City of Nibionno, awarded by EGA Sistemi , the same EGA Sistemi has installed on the roof of the elementary school “B. Munari “via Conciliation 54 a photovoltaic system made of 256 monocrystalline panels, covering an area of ​​409 square meters, with an installed capacity of 76.8 kWp, an annual output of 92,000 kWh and are not released into the atmosphere by about 41,470 kg of CO2.

What is striking are the terms of the agreement. EGA Sistemi which will pay rent to the City of roof Nibionno € 7,050 a year for 20 years and will take over completely the financing of the work and achievements of around 150,000 euro. Overall, the City will earn € 141,000. EGA Sistemi , based on the provisions of the Energy Bill, every year will earn about € 20,000, 70% resulting from the feed-in tariff and 30% from the sale of energy. Feasibility plan and access to finance have been designed and achieved thanks to Studio Cossio and Spreafico Associated Accountants of Lecco, also has been involved on the theme of sustainable economy.

To underline the educational value, ethical and even aesthetic of the project. EGA interactive educational systems prepare a totem that will illustrate in real time the amount of energy produced and fed into the grid and will organize initiatives of pumping on issues such as sustainability, energy efficiency, photovoltaics. EGA Sistemi to implement such system, to protect the aesthetic value of the building and to ensure maximum performance, used SunPower panels (specifically modules SPR-300-WHT), the world’s most powerful solar panels thanks to the unique and patented photovoltaic cells high efficiency that generate maximum energy over a minor and are synonymous with the highest level of acclaimed aesthetic.