VoIP – Voice over IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that makes it possible to make a phone call using an Internet connection or another dedicated network that uses the IP protocol for connectionless data transport. Numerous advantages: have a small PBX that, the larger the company, increases along with it; connect different locations, even abroad, in a single virtual PBX (so you can call your colleague in New York as it was to downstairs with zero costs); remotely telephone lines so that when you call the client in New York, you use the virtual switchboard, deals with the line of the New York and make a local phone call. Today we talk about “unifide comunication”, everything more and more into a single platform solution: we can receive faxes on your e-mail, send faxes directly from PC, chat with colleagues in the office or out. There is also the possibility of integrating lines GSM (Global System for Mobile) to the PBX so that when you call from a mobile phone, the PBX recognizes that you are calling a cell phone and uses the GSM line (saving). E ‘can also divert calls from your extension to your mobile phone.