05-09-2012 – Technology and environmental sustainability. The asbestos removal becomes an opportunity for companies. EGA Sistemi and Synt3, historic farm in Erba (CO) in the field of Rubber-plastics, specializing in the production of fabrics and spalmanti coagulated polyurethane, present in the world with its own sales network in over 70 countries, show that the problem of the reclamation Asbestos can be transformed into energy advantage, economic, eco-friendly.

EGA Sistemi has in fact agreed, designed and built for Synt3 the removal of asbestos from the roofs of the production unit via Cascina n California. 93, their renovation and the installation of a photovoltaic surface characteristics of approximately 1,169 square meters. The photovoltaic system consists of panels Solsonica with Enphase microinverters, the newest technology made in Silicon Valley that determines plants smarter, safer, and more efficient performance. The total installed capacity is equal to the 159.985 kWp.

The company Erba today is energetically self-sufficient in significant part, thanks to an annual production of about 177,000 kWh, and a reduction of emissions into the atmosphere about 88,500 kg of C02. Synt3 not only solved the problem of disposal of asbestos, but thanks to the Energy Bill will be able to sell herself to the energy market. Bastino some data. Synt3 has spent 380,000 Euros, but will return in five years, broken down as follows: € 49,962.12 for the rate of GSE (Energy Services), € 2,299.31 for the exchange on the spot, 25,613,13 euro savings bill. The total annual benefit will be € 77,881.56.

To go into the details of the implementation, have been installed all necessary protections to be able to dispose of the asbestos present on canopies and roofs. For the various layers have been used different methods of securing. The plant is divided on different layers, all surfaces are composed of corrugated sheet on which were fixed panels. Sheds on the Greek is composed of panels sandwitches insulated to increase the energy efficiency class of the same. The system, consisting of 653 to 245 Wp polycrystalline Solsonica, is divided on four major aquifers. The first exhibition with 10 ° SOUTH-WEST, the second with exposure almost completely EST and the remaining exposure with almost WEST.

The use of microinverters – 653 as the panels – allows you to compensate for the differences between the slopes and going to shadow to minimize losses. In addition, in environments where fire safety is important, as is the site in question, with Enphase microinverters going to eliminate all forms of direct current inside the buildings, rilegandola on the roof, then finding ourselves in a situation of complete security from the point of Electrically, in case of fire. In fact, going to intervene on the release of protection, the protection of internal and external interface should be to eliminate the production of the PV system. In the paintings AC location system there will be more tension and roof panels, not being connected in series, will have a maximum voltage equal to 37V.

The plant was divided into several sections from 12/15 panels in order to dissect lower sections of the plant for any maintenance. The presence of a monitoring “for panel” also allows full control of the production plant. Through Internet portal you can identify the individual pairs panel / microinverter and evaluate the production, operation and yields. In the case of maintenance is done with precision on the single panel or inverter knowing full well what and why it must be replaced.

<Says Dr. Joseph Abello, founder and CEO of EGA systems – including new roof, the PV system and also the interest is paid off in a short time thanks to the Energy Bill. The case shows that Synt3 of asbestos roof replaced by photovoltaic system becomes a driving force for the company, which solves part of the problem of the energy needs, protect the environment, improve its image and its brand, and if want, you can even earn by selling the energy produced. And there are obvious advantages of such a solution also for individuals, who not coincidentally are increasingly demanding this type of surgery >>.

<Gallessi says Piero, legal representative of Synt3 – is another milestone for our company, always attentive to environmental protection. In recent years, major investments have been made by the company in the renewal of production technologies in the field of safety and ecology. Our factories are equipped with modern ski reduction, recovery of raw materials and energy. These installations provide us with the absolute emission control in any working condition and therefore compliance with the limits of law and the reuse of resources essential for the course of our corporate mission. >>