termodinamicaSpecialist for the thermo-technical design of heating or cooling with experience in both civil and industrial, EGA Sistemi designs and manufactures technological systems. The engineers of EGA Sistemi have expertise in thermodynamics, the air ducting, control of contaminants, savings and energy certification and implement the project more suited to individual needs. EGA Sistemi deals with the design, technical management on construction sites and the construction of technological systems, in particular: heating (both with traditional technologies with the use of boilers and innovative with the use of heat pumps, air to air, air-water, ground-water), cooling and air conditioning (split, multi-split, ducted, direct expansion water, VRV …), as well as plant parts and air renewal. All systems are designed with particular attention to energy conservation and integrated with the use of technologies that exploit renewable energy sources. The plants are designed and built for all types of civil buildings, industrial, office, sports facilities and local public (entertainment, stores, museums, restaurants, hotels …).